Responsibilities of the Office of the Inspector General

As a result of legislation enacted in 2011, the duties of the OIG were revised. Senate Bill (SB) 78, SB 87, and SB 92 significantly reduced the OIG’s budget; removed the peace officer status of OIG employees; removed the mandate that the OIG conduct audits and investigations of the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) and replaced it with the requirement that the OIG instead conduct policy and performance reviews of CDCR (at the request of the Governor, the Senate Rules Committee, or the Speaker of the Assembly); removed the requirement that the OIG conduct quadrennial facility operation reviews and one-year warden follow-up audits; and codified the OIG’s medical inspection program. The duties of the OIG are:
  • Provide contemporaneous oversight of internal affairs investigations and the disciplinary process of the CDCR. Monitor use-of-force reviews conducted by CDCR and CDCR response to critical incidents within the institutions. Report the results of these activities on a semi-annual basis.
  • When authorized by the Governor, State Assembly, or State Senate, conduct reviews of CDCR policies, practices, and procedures and, upon completion, report back to the authorizing entity on the findings and recommendations resulting from the review.
  • Review the qualifications and backgrounds of the Governor’s candidates for appointment to serve as wardens in the State’s prisons and as superintendents for the State’s juvenile facilities. Upon completion of the review, provide the Governor with a recommendation as to the qualifications of the candidate.
  • Conduct an objective, clinically appropriate, and metric-oriented medical inspection program to periodically review delivery of medical care at each State prison.
  • Maintain a statewide intake function and process, including a toll-free public telephone number, to receive communications from any individual regarding allegations of improper activity within the CDCR. Initiate a review of any alleged improper activity.
  • Conduct assessments of retaliation complaints submitted by CDCR employees against a member of CDCR management. If the complaints state a prima facie case, review the complaint to determine the merits.
  • Chair and direct the California Rehabilitation Oversight Board (C-ROB) within the OIG. Conduct biannual C-ROB meetings to examine CDCR’s various mental health, substance abuse, educational, and employment programs for inmates and parolees. Report annually to the Governor and Legislature on C-ROB’s findings.
  • Review the mishandling of sexual abuse incidents within correctional institutions, maintain the confidentiality of sexual abuse victims, and ensure impartial resolution of inmate and ward sexual abuse complaints through the Sexual Abuse in Detention Elimination Ombudsperson.
  • Annually report a summary of the OIG’s reports and CDCR’s responses to OIG recommendations.