To safeguard the integrity of the State’s correctional system, we work to provide oversight and transparency through monitoring, reporting, and recommending improvements regarding the policies and procedures of the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation in the following services.

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The OIG conducts audits of the policies, practices, and procedures of the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (the department). Our audits provide objective analysis, findings, and conclusions to assist the department with, among other things, improving its operations, reducing costs, initiating corrective action, and contributing to public accountability. An audit may focus on operational activities throughout the department and might examine the department as a whole or be limited to specific institutions, divisions, or offices. If we identify areas for improvement, we make recommendations such as training or policy changes or additions. Those recommendations, as well as our findings are included in public reports posted on this website.

Staff Complaint Monitoring

The OIG provides contemporaneous oversight and evaluation of the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation’s process for reviewing and conducting inquiries of incarcerated persons’ allegations of staff misconduct and other grievances.

Rehabilitation Oversight

The Inspector General acts as Chair to the California Rehabilitation Oversight Board (C-ROB), which examines the department’s rehabilitation and treatment programs.

Complaint Intake Review

The OIG maintains a statewide complaint intake process to address concerns from any individual regarding allegations of improper activity within the department. We maintain a toll-free telephone number for inmates, wards, and the public to communicate with our office. If you have witnessed or know of any misconduct within the operations of the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, please report the information to us below.

Sexual Abuse Monitoring

The OIG receives complaints related to the Sexual Abuse in Detention Elimination Act (SADEA) and the Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA), and reviews allegations of mishandled sexual abuse inquiries or investigations within correctional institutions.

Warden & Superintendent Vetting

The OIG evaluates the qualifications of every candidate whom the Governor nominates for appointment as a warden at an adult correctional institution or as a superintendent at a juvenile facility and the Inspector General reports the recommendation regarding each candidate’s qualifications in confidence to the Governor. 

Retaliation Claims Review

The OIG reviews complaints that departmental employees submit alleging that they have been retaliated against because they reported improper governmental activity.

Critical Incidents Monitoring

The OIG monitors critical incidents at California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation institutions and facilities or involving its staff, such as uses of deadly force, unexpected inmate deaths, hunger strikes, and large-scale riots. We evaluate how the department responds to and handles the incidents, and also identify potential staff misconduct and recommend policy implementation or improvement relative to the incidents.

Employee Discipline Monitoring

The OIG evaluates the department’s internal investigations regarding alleged employee misconduct, assesses the legal advice provided by department attorneys to investigators and hiring authorities, and evaluates the departmental attorneys’ performances in representing the department at disciplinary hearings. The OIG advises the public regarding the adequacy of each investigation and whether the discipline is warranted.

Use-of-Force Monitoring

The OIG monitors the department’s handling of use-of-force incidents and inmate allegations of unreasonable force by attending the department’s review committee meetings at every adult institution and juvenile facility, as well as northern and southern parole regions. Our inspectors independently determine whether the department’s staff actions were reasonable under the circumstances and were within the bounds of the department’s policy and training. Although our inspectors are “nonvoting” attendees at the review committee meetings, we regularly provide real-time feedback and recommendations on compliance-related matters.

Authorized Special Reviews

At the request of the Governor, the Assembly, or the Senate, the OIG conducts special reviews of California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation policies, practices, or procedures.

Blueprint Monitoring

The OIG reviews reforms identified by the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation’s 2012 plan, The Future of California Corrections: A Blueprint to Save Billions of Dollars, End Federal Court Oversight, and Improve the Prison System (which was revised in 2016), and reports on the department’s progress in implementing key goals, including the percentage of inmates served in rehabilitative programs.

Medical Inspections

The OIG uses a unique combination of quantitative and qualitative data analysis methods to ensure a thorough assessment of medical care for those individuals within the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation who have the greatest need for medical services. The OIG performs medical inspections in cycles. During each cycle, the OIG inspects the medical care at each California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation adult institution. After each inspection, the OIG publishes a report of each California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation institution’s medical inspection results to the public OIG website. The OIG also submits copies of these reports to the entities involved in the assessment or provision of medical care within the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation.

The OIG medical inspections are mandated by California Penal Code section 6126. The OIG does not assess the constitutionality of medical care in the prison setting; that determination is made by the federal court and the federal receiver. The OIG medical inspections represent one of several factors the federal court and the federal receiver consider when they decide if the medical care in California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation institutions meets constitutional standards.