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Executive Staff


    To safeguard the integrity of the State’s correctional system by providing oversight and transparency through monitoring, reporting, and recommending improvements on policy and practices of CDCR.


    To create an oversight agency that provides outstanding service to our stakeholders, our government, and the people of the State of California. We do this through diligent monitoring, honest assessment, and dedication to improving the correctional system of our State. Our overriding concern is providing transparency to the correctional system so that lessons learned may be adopted as best practices.


PDF logo The Office of the Inspector General's 2017 organization chart.

What We Do

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State Leadership Accountability Act

    Government Code sections 13400 through 13407, known as the State Leadership Accountability Act (SLAA), was enacted to reduce the waste of resources and strengthen internal control. SLAA requires each state agency to maintain effective systems of internal control, to evaluate and monitor the effectiveness of these controls on an ongoing basis, and to biennially report on the adequacy of the agency's systems of internal control.

 The Office of the Inspector General's 2017 State Leadership Accountability Act Report.