How to File a Complaint

You have reached the Office of the Inspector General Complaint webpage.

The Office of the Inspector General is responsible for the independent oversight of California’s youth and adult correctional institutions managed by the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. Our jurisdiction does not include:

  • Local law enforcement;
  • Local or county jails
  • The court system, or
  • Any federal entity including the Armed Services branches/Military

If you want to file a complaint regarding a state employee who does not work for CDCR or involving a state agency other than CDCR, you can contact the whistleblower website with the CA State Auditor at or call (800) 952-5665.

As part of our statutory mandates, the Office of the Inspector General oversees the internal affairs investigations and employee disciplinary process of the California Department of Correction and Rehabilitation (CDCR), monitors CDCR’s use-of-force review process, and conducts reviews of CDCR’s policies, practices, and procedures.

The Office of the Inspector General does not conduct investigations; however, our regional field office staff work directly with prison administrators to resolve issues at the local level. If your complaint results in an investigation or disciplinary action by CDCR, it may be subsequently monitored by the Office of the Inspector General.

Further, the Office of the Inspector General cannot act in the role of attorney, nor can we provide legal advice or assistance. If you need legal research, advice, or representation, we suggest you consult a private attorney, your local Legal Aid Office, or a public-interest law group.

Before making a complaint to the Office of the Inspector General concerning misconduct by employees of correctional agencies, you should attempt to complete the agency’s standard investigative, appeals, or grievance procedures. If you think an investigation has been improperly conducted, you may then contact our office and file a complaint.

Regarding all complaints, we encourage site visitors to first resolve their concerns through the administrative remedies process available. If you believe you have reached the correct agency and would still like to file a complaint, you can file a complaint via mail, telephone, or via this webpage.

File a complaint by mail: Office of the Inspector General 10111 Old Placerville Road, Suite 110 Sacramento, CA 95827
Please submit copies and do not send original documents, as we will not be able to return original documents.

File a complaint by telephone. (800) 700-5952. However, we encourage you to also send your concerns in writing:

File a complaint electronically