The Office of the Inspector General was statutorily established in 1994 as an entity within the Youth and Adult Correctional Agency (YACA) (since abolished) to conduct investigations, review policy, and conduct management review audits of wardens and superintendents that had held his/her position for more than five years.  In 1998 and 1999, acting in response to legislative hearings that revealed widespread abuse in the state’s correctional system, the Legislature significantly expanded the Inspector General’s responsibility for overseeing California’s correctional  agencies and transformed the Office of the Inspector General into an independent agency reporting directly to the Governor. In 2004, a package of bills was introduced and signed into law statutorily expanding the duties and strengthening the authority of the Office of the Inspector  General.  A series of legislative actions in 2011 further refined the statutory mandates of the Office of the Inspector General and the authority of the Office of the Inspector General can be found in Penal Code sections 2641 and 6125-6141.

Inspectors General

August 2011 – Present      Robert A. Barton

2008- 2010                        David R. Shaw

2004 – 2008                      Matthew L. Cate

1999-2003                         Steve White

1998-1999                         Lloyd Wood