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Annual Reports: This summary of all OIG reports from the previous year highlights significant issues within and recommendations to the CDCR.


Authorized Reviews: Upon request of the Governor, Speaker of the Assembly, or Senate Committee on Rules, the OIG conducts a review of identified CDCR policies, practices, or procedures.


Blueprint Monitoring: The OIG periodically reviews the Department’s implementation of the reforms identified in the Future of California Corrections Blueprint.


C-ROB: The California Rehabilitation Oversight Board publishes reports annually  on September 15, on the effectiveness of treatment efforts, rehabilitation needs of offenders, gaps in offender rehabilitation services in the department, and levels of offender participation and success in rehabilitative programs.


Medical Inspection Reports: The OIG conducts an objective, clinically appropriate, and metric-oriented medical inspection program to periodically review delivery of medical care at each state prison. The OIG inspects and reports on each state prison annually on a cycle basis and then publishes a comparative summary and analysis.


Semi-Annual Reports: The OIG monitors and assesses the department’s internal affairs investigations of alleged employee misconduct, as well as the disciplinary decisions related to sustained employee misconduct and any subsequent appeal.  In addition, we monitor and assess the department’s response to critical incidents, contraband surveillance watch, and use-of-force.